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Certified by celebrity chefs unlimited india

Welcome To Chef Mudassar’s

Chef Mudassar Patel is a Culinary Consultant and a Professional Chef.
He earned his chef’s degree from mgv’s college of hotel management and catering technology, nasik, maharashtra, india. Over the years in practice, he has developed his own cuisine style worked with great and renowned chef. he worked in almost all cuisine from indian to chinese cuisines and from continental to mexican cuisine.
In his formative years he has worked with taj group of hotels with star chef hemant oberoi (grand executive chef taj group of hotel). worked in pan pacific hotel singapore. On his return to India he worked as sous chef in express inn hotel nasik, maharashtra, india. he had done a cooking show with the most famous celebrity chef sanjeev kapoor. after express inn he setup an restaurant named ‘madoz’ and continue to expand its chain from nasik, pune, mumbai. then he formed partnership firm ‘SPICE INDIA HOSPITALITY AND CONSULTANT’ with the Chef Raashid shaikh and Chef Ulhas kothmire and has since been a consultant to many F&B projects with responsibilities that form from planning restaurant concepts to writing a multi-facet menus across regional cuisines, designing kitchen spaces to training chefs and doing food audits for his numerous clients that he has since come across.
As a Professional Chef at madoz, Chef Mudassar is involved with successful chef festivals on his own right in India.
His practice finds him busy with multi-activities pursuing his passion for cooking : As a globe trotter in hunt for ingredients and regional cuisine dishes; and giving guest lectures in mgv’s college of hotel management and catering technology . He is an active participant in many culinary & gastronomy forums in India and the world.
He undertakes responsibilities that includes all aspects of F&B Operations:
• Kitchen Planning
• Menu Designing
• Production Costs
• Ingredients Sourcing
• Cuisine Design & Presentation
• Plating
• Food Quality & Hygiene with specifics to HACCP